Update 15.72

Automatically sends new updates to Windows users
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15.72 (See all)
Make Windows development and maintenance easier by setting up automated update sendoff for any selected applications or new service packs. The suite creates a simple batch command file to initiate the upload of updated data to be sent to all system users.

For Windows programmers who frequently need to send out updates of their applications to users. Update is a utility that allows the programmer to create a simple batch command file to perform the tasks necessary to update an application. This includes copying and deleting files, registering andunregistering components, etc. While it could be used to install applications, this is not its intended purpose. Updating and redistributing Setup programs is tedious and error-prone. While a nice Setup program looks good at first and allows users to customize their installation, it is over-kill for updating a few changed files on a user's system. Asking users tofrequently uninstall and reinstall the entire application annoys them, increases the chances for error, and makes you look unprofessional.

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